Jennifer Spiegel is mostly a fiction writer with two books and a miscellany of short publications, though she also teaches English and creative writing. She is part of Snotty Literati, a book-reviewing gig, with Lara Smith. She lives with her family in Arizona. 

Love Slave, with its slightly deceptive title, is a New York novel full of acerbic, witty, and heartbreaking moments--not to mention quite a bit of cultural critique and Gen X woe. 

The Freak Chronicles is a short story collection with two kinds of stories. There are Domestic Freaks, and there are Freaks Abroad. Stories are set in the U.S., South Africa, Cuba, China, and Russia. 

And So We Die, Having First Slept, a second novel, following ten years of an unorthodox marriage involving Sappho, brain injury, and bath salt addiction, was published in November 2018. 

Spiegel is also a co-editor of Dead Inside: Poems and Essays About Zombies

There are a ton of book reviews available at Snotty Literati's site.

Currently, Spiegel is working on a memoir, Cancer, I'll Give You One Year: A Non-Informative Guide To Breast Cancer, or Cancer, I'll Give You One Year: How To Get Your Ba-Da-Bing Boobies On The House! Look for this book in mid-2019!