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AND SO WE DIE, HAVING FIRST SLEPT is about marriage. Brett is ten years older than Cash; both are world-weary—one from negotiating brain trauma and bad love, the other from hiding and reviving addiction. Bath salts and babies work on their ten-year relationship, forcing them to begin again one way or another. Sappho is involved.

"Weird, true, and singular." - Kyle Minor, author of Praying Drunk

"Jennifer Spiegel's much-anticipated second novel teems with intelligence and candor, assuredly. But oh, more than that, even, it's that voice--it darts, it vamps, it dives, and most of all it scrutinizes, squarely, head-on, witty and withering. In this multitudinous soliloquy of a book, we get the relentless quest of a self-determined to narrate itself into being and becoming. Devour it; I did." – Tim Horvath, Understories

“Brett and Cash’s hard love jostles the wheel. Whether holding the unnerving stare of a swaddled newborn, stomaching months of expired salads, or drawing the shower curtain over meth fire damage, these are tight-fisted lovers.”  -- Julie Hensley, author of Landfall 

“With witty dialogue, thorough details of Americana, page-turning romantic magnetism, and quotidian relationships, Spiegel combines historical and political acuity with a finger on the pulse of the cultural psyche.” – Patricia Colleen Murphy, Founding Editor of Superstition Review

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Five Oaks Press, November 2018.

Anthony Vasquez painted the cover, and I loved it from that first moment he put it on—where else?—facebook. He actually painted it for his wife so it’s hers, but they graciously let us use it. And I am very thankful, because it somehow captures the whole thing. Plus, his wife, Adrienn Toth, has a wicked good sense of humor.